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Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the home landscape. In addition to adding beauty to your home landscape, rain gardens can also help protect water quality in local waterways by reducing storm water runoff, one of the main sources of water pollution. They can be used as a buffer to shoreline areas to capture runoff from the home landscape before it enters a natural body of water.

A rain garden is planted in a shallow depression designed to capture and soak up storm water runoff from your roof or other impervious areas around your home (driveways, walkways) rather than allowing the water to run down storm drains. Rain gardens require little maintenance once established. When implemented on a community-wide scale, rain gardens reduce storm drain overload and flooding.

Rain gardens are typically planted with suitable trees, shrubs or perennials offering colorfully landscaped areas in your yard that  also provide important environmental benefits. In addition to capturing storm water runoff, rain gardens provide habitat for local wildlife and increase the number and variety of birds and butterflies that visit you yard.